Energy & The Environment

Speaker Gideon has a deep commitment to protecting our environment and fighting climate change. She is a strong proponent of clean water and clean air, and also understands the integral role of renewable energy in pursuing these goals.

As a past member of the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology, she worked to lower energy costs, encourage increased energy efficiency and promote clean and renewable energy to capitalize on Maine’s natural resources and build a clean energy economy.  

Sara led the charge on restoring $38 million to energy efficiency funding. Recognizing that the lowest cost energy is the energy we don’t use in the first place, Sara remains committed to making sure that individual consumers, as well as small and large businesses, can benefit from these programs.  

In 2016, Sara led the charge to bring Maine solar energy policy into the 21st Century. Convening a broad group of stakeholders, they developed cutting edge solar policy that would bring the benefits of renewable, abundant clean fuel from the sun directly to Maine people. This policy, aimed at growing solar beyond the residential market, into larger scale and lower cost models, remains a long term goal that Sara is intent on achieving. She knows that our energy consumption is only increasing and that the states who embrace and harness abundant, clean and renewable energy sources from our environment, will be the states that reap the rewards of energy independence.

Reduction of harmful, polluting carbon emissions, low cost energy and an economy powered by clean energy is a future we all need to be fighting for.

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