Economy, Jobs & Innovation

Mainers, ever resourceful and always resilient, have a unique work ethic, a certain ingenuity and strength of character.

And Mainers, whether we were born here or chose this place, know that our state’s best assets – our people, our natural resources, our quality of life and place – are exactly what will move our economy forward. Speaker Sara Gideon is passionate about an agenda that fosters innovation, supports job-creating businesses and expands opportunity for hard-working families.

Speaker Gideon believes that fixing Maine’s economy is the key to our future. She supports using proven economic strategies that invest in our people and our communities to create more opportunities for all Maine families, no matter where they live.

These strategies include decreasing property taxes by increasing municipal revenue sharing and fully funding our obligation to our schools. She believes in fighting to provide workers with paid sick days, paid family leave, and flexible, predictable, and stable schedules, increasing productivity for businesses and their employees.

Speaker Gideon believes the success of our state that innovators gets the support and access to capital they need to grow and create jobs. She knows that Maine needs to create a stable and predictable business environment. She also understands the need to make it easier to start a business and become profitable – that means streamlining regulations and getting rid of unnecessary barriers.

Speaker Gideon is committed to enacting policies that create a vibrant economy – for all of Maine.

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