About Sara

Speaker of the Maine House

Speaker Sara Gideon is serving her second term as Speaker of the House and fourth term in the Maine House of Representatives, representing the towns of Freeport and Pownal. She lives in Freeport, with her husband Ben and their three children.

As Speaker of the House, she is responsible for presiding over all actions of the House of Representatives.

Speaker Gideon’s number one priority is building an economy that works for everyone. She believes that Maine people are our best resource, that Maine students deserve our investment and that fostering innovation and entrepreneurship will lead to successful businesses statewide.

Throughout her time in the Maine House of Representatives, she has led on issues related to increased prosperity for all Maine families. Her ability to achieve bipartisan results is best demonstrated by her landmark LIFT legislation, which was squarely aimed at families gaining financial independence. In both 2017 and 2018, under divided government, Gideon passed common sense measures that both lifted Maine families out of poverty, while increasing the numbers of higher-skilled workers needed by Maine’s employers and economy.

During her time on the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee, she focused on promoting renewable energy sources and increased energy efficiency in order to build our clean-energy economy. She has been a vocal advocate for expanding high speed internet access, recognizing that business travels not just on roads and bridges, but on the digital highways that are modern broadband.

In her service to the state, she has worked across the aisle to combat the drug crisis threatening too many Maine families. By strengthening prevention, education, treatment, and law enforcement efforts, specifically increasing access to naloxone, she has displayed a commitment to saving every life possible

Speaker Gideon graduated from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She spent her professional career as an advertising account executive for a nationally renowned newspaper. She is the youngest of four daughters.  Her father is a pediatrician who immigrated to America from India. Her mother is a second-generation American, whose parents escaped the Armenian holocaust.

She is a very proud mother, wife, sister and daughter who believes deeply in the promise of our country.

As the mother of three young children, Speaker Gideon knows that working families are struggling in this difficult economy and has a legislative agenda that puts middle class and working families first. Her desire to positively impact the lives of children and empower women and working families is why she ran for office.

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