The announcement will be made after 8:00 a.m. when the poll has been closed and the votes tallied

AUGUSTA – Senate President Troy Jackson and House Speaker Sara Gideon will announce the results of the vote determining whether or not the 129th Maine Legislature reconvenes for a special session in August tomorrow after 8:00 a.m., when the vote has closed. By then, all lawmakers will have had 48 hours to register their vote with the parliamentarian in their chamber. At the time of this release, the Secretary of the Senate is reporting that 21 Senators have registered their votes. The Clerk of the House has reported 96 Representatives have registered their votes. 

Senate President Troy Jackson and Speaker of the House Sara Gideon released the following statement:

“With the positive news that our state is seeing fewer cases of COVID-19, hospitalizations and deaths, lawmakers are in a good position to finish our work. Let’s take this opportunity to have a real discussion about the hardship Maine families and small businesses are experiencing and how the Maine Legislature can provide targeted relief in a way that bolsters our economy. We’d like to encourage all lawmakers to contact the parliamentarian in their chamber to record their vote before the poll closes tomorrow. The work ahead is vitally important to the people of Maine.”


Presiding Officers are granted the power to reconvene the Legislature “with the consent of a majority of the Members of the Legislature of each political party, all Members of the Legislature having been first polled” pursuant Article IV of the Maine Constitution. With that authority, Presiding Officers have the power to determine how members are polled. 

When lawmakers last called themselves in for a special session in 2018, Speaker Gideon and then-Senate President Thibodeau directed the nonpartisan parliamentarians to record the votes and determine whether or not there was the required support to reconvene for a special legislative session. Such a vote is a matter of public record, accessible to both members of the press and the public. Speaker Gideon and Senate President Jackson have chosen to implement the same process in this instance.