Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Update

Please note this update was posted May 7, 2020 and is subject to change if there is updated guidance.

ATTENTION PUA APPLICANTS: If you received correspondence saying you are “not eligible,” it’s okay! That means you are not eligible for STATE unemployment benefits, since PUA is a FEDERAL unemployment program, getting denied state benefits means you will almost certainly be eligible for PUA. So that correspondence is actually a positive step in your PUA application process. You should receive your accurate eligibility notice for PUA within 7 days of filing your claim. We strongly recommend selecting direct deposit to get your benefits as quickly as possible.

This confusing communication is a flaw in the system that the Legislature has asked the Maine Department of Labor to address.

While there have been technical glitches and delays in Maine’s unemployment that we know are putting extreme strain on many households, please feel confident that if you lost income in some way due to COVID-19, you will eventually receive retroactive benefits.