Speaker Gideon, Senate President Troy Jackson and other member of the legislature issued a letter to the offices of Senator Collins, Senator King, Representative Pingree and Representative Golden regarding continued work at Bath Iron Works.

Full letter available here, an excerpt below:

Each day thousands of men and women flood through the gates of BIW to build the ships our Navy relies on to protect the nation.  Protecting their health is vital to ensuring the ships are built and our state’s health system can continue to care for all of those who contract COVID-19.  If there were an outbreak at BIW, or any shipyard, it could not only jeopardize the health of the individuals, but also the ability for that facility to continue operations.  We understand that they are critical infrastructure, and maintaining that critical infrastructure requires the people who make it possible stay healthy.  

At this time, BIW management has been directed by the federal government (see attachment) to maintain normal work operations to meet deadlines, which assume a healthy employee population, and a low risk of community transmission of disease.  

This is no longer a safe or realistic expectation for BIW or any large employer.  It will likely result in loss of life and will definitely result in lost productivity.

For this reason, we request that you do all in your power to convince the President, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security to extend deadlines for all ship contractors by at least an additional six months, or by as long as a national emergency declaration remains in place.