AUGUSTA – The Maine Legislature will meet in Augusta on Tuesday to consider emergency legislation to help the state respond effectively and efficiently to the COVID-19 crisis and any critical appropriations before suspending the legislative session. In advance of this session, the Legislative Council issued a new policy to the public and all members of the Legislature. You can find the full memo here.  

President Jackson and Speaker Gideon issued the following statement:

“On any regular session day in Augusta, hundreds of lawmakers, advocates and legislative staffers come from all across the state to do the people’s business. That public participation is the hallmark of what we do. However, we are in the midst of unprecedented times and so we are issuing some unprecedented policy.  

“We make these requests with the ultimate goal of protecting the health and well-being of all Mainers and limiting the strain on our first responders, health care professionals and hospitals. All of us have a role to play to slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and that includes those in the Legislature. 

“In order to pass legislation to put in place effective, evidence-based measures to ensure the safety of Maine families, communities and our economy, legislators and essential staff and members of the media need to be in the State House tomorrow. We thank you in advance for your adherence to this new policy and your willingness to participate electronically. If we all prioritize our health and stay informed, we can protect the safety of all those around us.”

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