AUGUSTA – Wednesday, Jan. 8 marks the start of the Second Session of Maine’s 129th Legislature. Last year, the Legislature passed bills to expand health care coverage, reign in the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs, address climate change, lift up working Maine families, support our schools, improve broadband access and provide meaningful property tax relief. 

This second year is designed to consider bills of an emergency nature and bills that were not acted on in the first year. Currently, legislators have upwards of 650 bills to consider before the statutory adjournment date of April 15.  

Speaker Sara Gideon released the following statement:

“This second session is the time for us to address urgent matters affecting Maine families and communities. This starts with protecting our healthcare and making it more affordable and accessible for families, individuals and small businesses, while addressing the skyrocketing costs of lifesaving drugs like insulin. We also have the responsibility of completing our work from last year. There has been tremendous work accomplished in the off-season by our Task Forces and Commissions. I’m eager to get to work and I look forward to the progress we’re going to make over the next few months.”

House Majority Leader Matt Moonen released the following statement: 

“Mainers are hardworking and deserve secure, good-paying jobs that support our families and strengthen our economy. Last session we took steps to better train our workforce and remove some of the barriers that prevent many from advancing their careers. This session we will be focused on crafting policies and programs that grow jobs and industries in our state. We will also be focused on improving our justice systems and ensuring all Mainers are afforded equal opportunities to succeed.”

Assistant House Majority Leader Ryan Fecteau released the following statement: 

“Building on the work of the Maine Climate Council, we will take action to address the climate crisis and to help Maine communities adapt to the changes we’ve already seen. We will also be pushing to further support our schools, including working to increase the funding we provide to our career and technical education programs. These programs provide hands on training for many Mainers to enter industries that support our communities, and they deserve adequate funding.”