Members of the Committee voted 11-1 in favor of the Governor’s bill, “An Act to Protect Sustenance Fishing,” which was introduced by Speaker Sara Gideon

AUGUSTA – A bill introduced by Speaker Sara Gideon on behalf of Governor Janet Mills has earned bipartisan approval from the Legislature’s Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.  LD 1775, “An Act to Protect Sustenance Fishing,” establishes in Maine, for the first time, water quality standards designed to protect sustenance fishing in certain waters for Maine tribes.

“The time is long past due for us to show Maine’s Tribal communities that their concerns are our concerns, that we take action to address them responsibly, and that we address them together,” said Speaker Gideon. “I applaud the Governor and her Administration for bringing this bill forward in collaboration and partnership with Maine’s Tribes, and I appreciate the Committee’s work on addressing this important issue so quickly.”

The bill now faces votes in the House and Senate.