Speaker of the House Sara Gideon released the following in response to Governor LePage’s latest weekly radio address:

“Again, it seems necessary to remind the governor exactly how the legislative process works and to correct his revisionist history. The reason we are still in session is because of the nonsensical actions of Republican members of the House who refused to support a simple extension back in April. It is these same House Republicans who refuse to honor their own vote, the votes of their constituents and the very budget the governor himself signed last year. Instead, they are using an underhanded maneuver to essentially destroy Maine’s successful Clean Elections system. Finally, I’d like to request the sensible funding plan the governor claims to have submitted for Medicaid expansion. Because the only sustainable plan that passed with bipartisan support is the one he decided to veto.

Democrats will finish our work and pass a tax conformity package that will grow and strengthen the middle class, while addressing the significant challenges facing our state. And, like most good work that has occured in the past 8 years, we’ll do it without the governor.”