Veto of LD 1788 Overridden by House, Senate

AUGUSTA – Members of the Maine House and Senate overrode a veto of LD 1788: An Act To Enhance Safety for Victims of Sexual Assault and Stalking and To Amend the Laws Governing Harassment and Protection from Abuse. The veto was overridden in the Maine House (99 to 44) and in the Senate (34 – 0).

Speaker of the House Sara Gideon introduced the bill, which was unanimously supported by the Judiciary Committee, to address important gaps and drafting errors in previous legislation pertaining to sexual violence.  LD 1788 will also strengthen protections for victims seeking a Protection From Abuse (PFA) or Protection From Harassment (PFH) Orders.

Speaker Gideon released the following statement:

“As legislators, we have no greater responsibility than protecting the health and safety of the people we represent. Sexual assault and harassment are especially toxic crimes, and sadly, all too common. It is critical that victims of these crimes are able to access all of the protections afforded to them under Maine statute. I’m pleased that my colleagues supported this bill, overrode this veto, and we moved one step forward in ensuring the safety of Maine people.”