Speaker of the House Sara Gideon released the following in response to Governor LePage’s latest weekly radio address:

“Three-quarters of Maine’s Legislature – every single Democrat, every Independent and every Senate Republican – remain ready to work and committed to solving the problems Maine people face. That’s why we did everything possible to stay at the table, voting repeatedly to continue the legislative session, even as the House Republican caucus voted to go home. These 66 Republican Members of the Maine House prevented the remaining 120 of us from doing our job when they refused to keep working.

Their votes had the effect of leaving behind people devastated by the opioid crisis.
They broke promises to our direct care workers and the seniors citizens and intellectually disabled people they take care for.
They refused to fund the healthcare law passed overwhelmingly by Maine voters in an attempt to strip health insurance from 70,000 people.
They left significant uncertainty regarding state funding for K-12 education, even as municipalities are working to finalize budgets.
And they failed to move forward on a great deal of good, bipartisan, work.

The governor can continue to sow discord and rancor, which have been the hallmarks of his now lame duck administration, or he can choose to rise to the occasion, show leadership, and demand that House Republicans get back to work.The rest of us will continue to return to the State House day after day, waiting for these able bodied legislators to do their job and join us in addressing the serious challenges facing real people.”