AUGUSTA – Today, Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap announced that because of a provision in election laws that the people’s veto petition blocked, ranked-choice voting could not be used in the June primaries. In response, supporters of Ranked Choice Voting announced their intention to seek a court-ordered injunction against Secretary Dunlap, forcing him to follow and implement the law. Secretary Dunlap will be briefing the Veterans and Legal Affairs committee this afternoon.

Speaker of the House Sara Gideon issued the following statement:

“As a supporter of ranked-choice voting, I find the latest developments brought to light by Secretary Dunlap deeply disappointing. Mainers have said time and time again that they want election reform and that this is their preferred system. Every single Democratic member of the House voted to amend the constitution last year and bring it in line with the bill passed by Maine voters. I now respectfully request that the courts move quickly on this matter. And if there is any way that the legislature can address the issues brought to light by the Secretary of State, I will work with my colleagues to do so. It is imperative to swiftly remove any uncertainty in our electoral process.”