AUGUSTA – Maine’s Legislative Council, a bipartisan committee comprised of members of House and Senate leadership, took a number of initial votes on school safety, gun safety and increased funding for mental health services. LR 2943 An Act To Create a Community Protection Order, a ‘red-flag’ bill, was voted in. The legislation allowed in will now be referred to committee and face further votes in House and Senate. Bills to ban ‘bump stocks’ and high-capacity magazines failed.

Speaker Sara Gideon released the following statement:

“The votes taken today do not mark the end of our work regarding the issues of gun safety or school safety. For me, they mark the beginning of the long road ahead to make meaningful change. While I appreciate that we were successful in moving in a red-flag bill, it is not nearly enough. I find it unconscionable that we aren’t doing more or moving faster, but I want to make it clear that this remains my priority and that it is the responsibility of all lawmakers to say enough is enough. We must take serious action to reduce gun violence.”