AUGUSTA – Speaker of the House Sara Gideon released the following statement in response to Governor LePage’s State of the State address:

“This last State of the State address from Governor LePage reflects the weak leadership that has been the hallmark of this Administration. We heard another speech where he takes credit for everything good, while pointing fingers and laying blame for anything negative. I think it’s the same speech we’ve been hearing for the past eight years. It’s certainly not the vision that I have of this state and I don’t think it’s the vision that most Mainers share.”

“Mainers deserve real solutions to the problems they face, not tired political rhetoric. They want to hear about how we are going to support middle class families, create good paying jobs across the state, and finally make progress on combating the opiate crisis. The fact is, pitting one group against another isn’t how we succeed. No one else has ever done better because someone else does worst. That’s not who we are. The governor is spending his last months fighting battles he’s already lost. I’m spending my time focusing on Maine’s future.”