Maine Legislature
Speaker’s Office

For Immediate Release: January 6, 2017

Speaker Sara Gideon will focus on a budget that strengthens middle class families, invests in students, workers and communities

AUGUSTA — Top Democratic lawmakers in the Maine House said they would be closely reviewing Governor Paul LePage’s two-year budget proposal with a focus on increasing the number of people with good jobs and reducing the number of Maine kids and seniors living in poverty. Democrats will prioritize tax cuts for the middle class and investments in students, workers and communities.

Governor LePage released his $6.8 billion dollar budget on Friday at 10:30pm. Lawmakers and staff will be reviewing the budget details over the weekend.

Speaker of the House Sara Gideon released the following statement:

“We will be carefully reviewing the Governor’s budget. Our focus will be on strengthening middle class families, schools, and seniors, while growing good paying jobs and a strong economy. This is the beginning of a long process and we are committed to the hard work ahead. We must be nimble and adaptive, but we will remain steadfast in our priorities. More jobs. Fewer Maine kids and seniors in poverty. I believe those are goals every person in this state shares. House Democrats look forward to a productive and dynamic budget that works for all Mainers.”

The Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee will begin work on the two-year budget proposal in the coming weeks. Rep. Drew Gattine of Westbrook, House Chair of the budget panel provided the following statement:

“Now we begin the hard work of crafting a budget that reflects the shared values of Maine people. Our committee will dig into the details, listen to public testimony and spend many hours focusing on how we can improve the lives of Maine families, support seniors and people with disabilities, strengthen our schools and jumpstart our economy. I’m optimistic Republicans and Democrats on the committee can work together to create a budget that Maine people can be proud of and continues our legacy of leadership.”