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Speaker Gideon Ends State Shutdown

After a 3-day state shutdown due to House Republican obstruction, Speaker Sara Gideon succeeded in closing the 2017-2019 biennial budget. The budget makes significant investments in education, expands property tax relief for middle class Mainers and rejects devastating cuts to essential government services.

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Committee of Conference Reaches Bipartisan Budget Deal

Late Sunday evening, two days into a government shutdown, Democratic and Republican legislative leaders announced a bipartisan budget agreement. The six-member Committee of Conference voted (5-1) to advance the deal. The House Republican caucus member of the committee, Rep. Tom Winsor, voted against the proposal.

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Speaker Gideon Invites Governor LePage to Committee of Conference

Speaker Sara Gideon is reconvening the Committee of Conference, the six-member group charged with finalizing Maine’s budget. She is inviting Governor Paul LePage to formally present his new budget proposal. Late last evening, the governor gave an overview to Speaker Gideon, Senate President Mike Thibodeau and Sen. Troy Jackson at the Blaine House.

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Gideon Statement on Government Shutdown

After proposing a bipartisan compromise proposal that was enacted in the Republican controlled Senate (33-1), the Maine House of Representatives failed to reach the two-thirds votes necessary for enactment. 61 House Republicans failed to vote for the proposal, ensuring a government shutdown.

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