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House Votes in Favor of Amended Budget

The Maine House of Representatives moved to advance the biennial budget today by voting in favor (81 – 64) of the democratic report from the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee. With the deadline of June 30 fast approaching, pressure to complete the budget is increasing and a major disagreement regarding a voter-approved increase in education funding still exists.

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AFA Dems Vote Budget that Strengthens Maine

Members of the budget-writing Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee met all day Friday building the 2017-2019 state budget, line by line. Democrats issued a majority report with sweeping changes to the governor’s original proposal, focusing their efforts on protecting property tax relief for working families, full funding of K-12 public education and rejecting a number of harmful and unnecessary cuts.

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Gideon Statement on Decision from Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Tuesday, at the request of the Maine Senate, the Maine Supreme Judicial court issued an advisory opinion to invoke a ‘solemn occasion’ and issued an informational opinion on the constitutionality of ranked-choice voting. The seven justices of the court unanimously ruled that the Ranked-choice Voting Act conflicted with the constitution.

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